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    Business Integration Services

    NHT-Norwick has 19 years of experience in the integration of technological solutions for companies.
    We went from a local and unidirectional information culture, to the fluidity and constant updating of relevant data for the development and business data management.

    The integrated solutions enable you to:

    • Have your staff working out of the office and storing the information while working.
    • Have the company's most current information in real time to complete formalities, invoice, reassign work or make business decisions.
    • Have the latest updated data: customers' data, orders, incidents, status of the products, tasks, DB, prices or status of packages and merchandise.


    We divide the integrated solutions into Data Integration Services for the import, export and exploitation of data; and Hardware Integration Services in the implementation of projects by using various devices.


  • Aplicación de localización GPS Tracker

    GPS Tracker location application

    Who uses it?

    It is aimed at all companies that need to increase the visibility of the work that is done out of the office: technical support services (TSS), sale staff, carriers, delivery men, drivers or any other professional profile that usually works out of the office.


    What does GPS Tracker do?

    GPS Tracker is a powerful location tool that, both independent and integrated with other systems of the customer, allows to obtain valuable information to improve the work carried out.


    • User monitoring and routes
    • Historical queries
    • Customised Settings
    • Device Information
    • Points of Interest
    • Alerts
    • Receipt of Reports
  • Aplicación mOLE para BBDD integrada con Google Maps

    mOLE for the registration of Points of Interest

    Who uses it?

    mOLE is aimed at any company that needs to create databases of locations or view where the critical elements of the company are located, such as the customers.

    The application installed on the mobile enables you to collect information through the user geopositioning. The collected data are of great value for the Marketing and Sales Departments.


    What does mOLE do?


    • Appoint locations
    • Categorise them
    • Backoffice management for data handling
    • Display on maps
    • Search filtering for the information analysis


  • Aplicación para Servicios de Asistencia Técnica

    mWSAT for Technical Support Services

    Who uses it?

    Companies from any sector that provide some technical  support or maintenance service. 

    mWSAT is a product developed to improve the management of technical support services in the company.

    The application used by the workers provides critical data for those who are in charge of teams, purchases, administration and management.

    What does mSAT do?


    • Incident management and parts
    • Task assignment by user/area
    • Allocation of tasks by user/zone
    • Geopositioning
  • Aplicación móvil para Fuerza de ventas

    mWLead Manager for Sales Force

    Who uses it?

    Companies from any sector that have a sales team. The application used by the workers provides valuable data for those who are in charge of the sales team, marketing, distribution, administration and management.

    It enables the sales teams to manage their visits and orders and, at the same time, to consult the product catalogue or customer data.


    What does mLead Manager do?


    • Customer management
    • Organisation of visits
    • Creation of orders
    • Product catalogue
    • Geopositioning with Google Maps®
    • Synchronisation with calendar and agenda


  • Transporte y Mensajería

    mWOnRoute for Transport and Courier

    Who uses it?

    Transport and Courier companies for the report of work carried out by carriers or delivery men.

    Technological process of collection and delivery of parcels and/or merchandise: The distributors generate information from the mobile that significantly improves control and management of collections and deliveries of packages or parcels.

    What does mWOnRoute do?

    • Allocation of shipments to the distributor
    • Data report in real time
    • Online pre-invoicing
    • Geopositioning with Google Maps®
  • Gestión del Punto de Venta para Marketing de Producto

    mWGPV Management of the Point of Sale for Product Marketing

    Who uses it?

    Companies from the Distribution, Food and Beverages sector that offer Operational Marketing services.

    The application is used by consumer brand managers at supermarkets and department stores for Data collection regarding the condition of products.

    What does mGPV do?


    • Product Information on the
    • Product photos
    • Compliance with negotiations
    • Product photos
    • Compliance with negotiations
    • Agreed prices and prices of the competition
    • Data reports to analyse
    • Forecast regarding product distribution
  • Herramienta de Reporting

    mWReport as a Reporting Tool

    Who uses it?

    Companies in any industry where workers complete daily work sheets work orders, field date, reports for inspections or forms.

    What does mReport do?


    • Customising forms / report sheets where necessary
    • Mailing stored information in real time
    • Geopositioning with Google Maps®
    • Presence check through NFC devices
  • Plataforma de envío de mailings y SMS

    SMS communication through mWInformation

    Who uses it?


    Companies that require a person-to-person or machine-to-person communication.

    mWInformation is a messaging platform for the sendind of messages such as automatic alerts or communication between the company and its clients.


    What does mWInformation do?


    • Users and groups management
    • Collective sending and receiving of SMS/email
    • Customised Settings
    • Question-answer messages
    • Automatic alerts from machines
    • User information/notifications