mOLE for the registration of Points of Interest

Aplicación mOLE para BBDD integrada con Google Maps (id: 80)
Who uses it?

mOLE is aimed at any company that needs to create databases of locations or view where the critical elements of the company are located, such as the customers.

The application installed on the mobile enables you to collect information through the user geopositioning. The collected data are of great value for the Marketing and Sales Departments.


What does mOLE do?


  • Appoint locations
  • Categorise them
  • Backoffice management for data handling
  • Display on maps
  • Search filtering for the information analysis


Available in

BlackBerry - Android - iOS - mobile phones - tablets - local



rental - purchase - product version - customised version


Integrated with

Google Maps - Other apps from NHT-Norwick - Management systems