NHT-Norwick as a benchmark company in terms of mobility in "TIC INNOVA, Mobile World Congress"

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"Our mobility solutions are oriented towards profit in the customer's income statement."


NHT-Norwick, experts in business solutions based on mobile technology and the Internet, starts its activity in Bilbao in 1998 under the direction of a team of computer scientists graduated from the University of Deusto.
Their dream was to create a company focused on the development of Internet technologies and they are still doing so, but their mobility solutions division, operating since 2003, is at present bearing them fruits.
And its value contribution in this field of work is translated into substantial advantages for its customers...


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What baggage has NHT-Norwick brought to mobility solutions?

From its initiation we focused on software development, in particular, Internet technology.
We felt that the network would create a true revolution and in actual fact we still fall short, as it has, additionally, become a way of life.
We wanted to be strong by using this technology, so we specialized in corporate portals and Internet project, and have increased our staff to 45.

When the bubble burst years later, drove us to look further afield in search of new horizons, refocusing our strategy to position ourselves in what was about to emerge. Once again we looked for innovation: business solutions in terms of mobility. Thus, although we maintain the advanced communication solutions with the Internet as a mean, with our content management and portal projects division, in 2003 we launched a new line of business for the development of projects on consumer mobile devices, coinciding with the arrival of BlackBerryin Spain. All of these directed towards to small and medium enterprises as well as large accounts, that is, companies with five distributors and 1500 technicians.

You talk about solutions... Do these solutions go beyond the product? What kind of solutions are they?

At first we thought of creating a product, but we realized that, while focusing on the same process, every client has specific peculiarities, so we derived the concept of products based on our mobility solutions: mWSAT, solution for the improvement of the Technical Support Services; mWLead Manager, solution for the improvement of the sales force management; mWOnRoute, solution for the courier and transport sector; mWGPV, marketing tool designed for reporting the product status in supermarkets and department stores.
To all of them we should add the latest product we launched, mOLE, which includes locations for creating databases and visually represents value information. Currently all our solutions are multiplatform and multidevice, which affords total freedom to the customer.

The client requires added value.
In practice, What advantages do we achieve?

From improved response times in the reception of an order as well as shipping and reporting activity orders in technical assistance equipment, to reduced fuel costs by improving routes, organizing work areas.

Our ultimate goal is for the customer to optimise their income statement by providing software that meets his needs. Our solutions allows the entrepreneur agile decision making, thanks to the immediacy of the information received. In the same way, they also improve the quality of the work carried out, by avoiding errors of transcription, lack of information, duplication of processes/resources, while allowing you to save working time which is allocated to record incidents and make reports, resulting in a direct economic benefit. In addition, all the computerised data represent a great potential to be exploited for the improvement of the business.

Pablo Igor Aguilar, CEO of NHT-Norwick

*Interview publish on the 24th February by La Vanguardia and on the 26th February by the journal Cinco Días in the special supplement of technology called "TIC INNOVACION Mobile World Congress" on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress.

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