Company workshop in Bilbao on The Internet of Things is moving

"Connect. Mobilise. Communicate."

If at your company you have got some kind of vehicle to perform your work, this workshop is for you.

On 28 January we will celebrate alongside TomTom Telematics an event at the Hotel Meliá de Bilbao.

We want to start the year with new goals, simple and real goals, that allow you to grow and improve your income statement. We will address the current situation of the transport sector, how to innovate when managing your fleet and your company. We discuss various topics that will help you spend more time and resources on the core business of your company such as:

  • the management and communication needs of our daily work
  • how to improve the fleet management with TomTom Telematics
  • innovating certain processes within the company
  • cost savings

Day's schedule

9:30h Welcome coffee
9:45h "Economic impact of fleet management in the transport sector." Jorge Irazola, Transport sector consultant
10:15h "The value of the information." Heike de la Horra, Sales Director Iberia of TomTom Telematics
10:45h "The Internet of Things that move" Pablo I. Aguilar, Manager of NHT-Norwick
11:30h Breakfast