We want the online encounter with your target audience to be beneficial for your company. We offer you a social and well-ranked Website, with usable design and accessible from all devices, where you can manage your own contents.


Our tool enables you to manage the image of your company on the Internet. Just think about what you need for your Website and we will help you get it: to give information about your company, to sell products, to organise a high volume of contents...

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    • Social Website. Users can share information on social networks, interact in the blog and access the social profiles of the organisation.
    • Managing Contents. You can create, modify and upload contents independently with a professional tool developed by NHT-Norwick.
    • Getting ranked on the Internet. The tool is created in such a way that enables you to manage key words, modify URLs and tag all the contents of the Website to get ranked in a natural way in the search engines.
    • Responsive design. The Website adapts to all browsers and mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.
    • Graphic design. The design will take into account the needs/requirements of the client in order to convey the message of the company.
    • Usability. We make the user experience intuitive, manageable and easy to meet the objectives of the Website.
    • Scalability. It is not a closed product. If after a period of time you need to add functionalites to the Website, we can do it.
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      The product is intended for those companies or organisations that want a simple and cheaper Website in a short period of time.
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      WebCommerce is designed for companies that want to sell products through the Website, thus giving priority to e-commerce.
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      WebORG is the tailor-made web project necessary mainly for large corporations, public institutions and private bodies.