Success case in the timber sector in collaboration with Zebra Technologies

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21-feb-2014 0

We have selected the following project as an example of integration of a mobile solution from NHT-Norwick with portable printers from Zebra Technologies.

As the need arises

Our client is a timber company that detected a point of improvement in their processes. When the staff transports wood and collects the orders and delivery to the customer, and it is found that the delivery amount and the order amount that had been realised is not the same.
This creates a conflict between the company and customers dissatisfaction generated by the consumed figure and an economic imbalance to our client.


The solution we provide

NHT-Norwick Due to this need, it poses the development of a mobile application where the carrier enters into his Samsung Galaxy Mini all the data related to the load carried on the truck.
When the carrier reaches the customer he uses the load calculator and customer validates that the delivery is correct and corresponds to the order placed. At the time of delivery a delivery note is printed via the MZ320 de Zebra Technologies printer. The customer signs a copy that can instantly initiate the billing process.

Profits generated

  • Before any external control, it is registered in each load data in the trucks.
  • Customer satisfaction by eliminating all possible errors that occurred earlier in the orders.
  • There is customer compliance at all times.
  • Our client accelerates the billing process by allowing a comprehensive sales check.


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